The 2022-2026 Action Agenda Explorer is the evolving roadmap that charts the course for recovery in Puget Sound. It is the companion tool to the 2022-2026 Action Agenda report. This site provides the space for each of the 31 strategies included in the Action Agenda to be adaptively managed through 2026 to respond to changes in ecosystem conditions that impact recovery. It serves as a digital landing page for the Action Agenda and the hub for its foundational components: the Vital Signs, desired outcomes, strategies, actions, indicators, and ongoing programs.

Please note that site adjustments will be made over the course of summer and fall 2022. 

Strategies for Puget Sound

Action Agenda strategies describe effective approaches for advancing progress toward desired outcomes, Vital Signs, and overall recovery. Each strategy is expected to advance one or more desired outcome by addressing the underlying conditions that give rise to sources of stress on the ecosystem or enhance capacity to address a stressor. Strategies address a 5- to 30-year time horizon and describe the kinds of policies, actions, or approaches that could be applied by many groups in many different areas.

Each strategy also includes actions which describe the activities that are a shared focus for implementing each strategy from 2022-2026. This could include restoration and acquisition; program development, improvement, or implementation; education; outreach; research; legislative or policy improvements; or other types of activities. Actions are intended to guide partner implementation and innovation and inform the focus of public and private funding and implementation support by the boards and regional partners, and other work that important to undertake in the next four years.

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